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A unique path (matt) Gurumat known as santmat or Radhasoami matt in past is manifested by sant satguru waqt SOAMI SANTDAS JI MAHARAJ. Soami santdas ji maharaj is a swatah sant With his measureless grace, he has initiated a unique path of gurubhakti w.e.f. august 8, 1994 known as surati shabda margh. He is beyond outward cognization. No jiva of macrocosm can cognize Him. It is only He who can make Himself cognized to someone with His own grace and mercy. Jiva, trapped in the strenuous and cruel hands of Kaal and Maya, is being cheated and tortured in different ways. The spirit, ans of satguru i.e. God in human body is also sufferin and is unable to find his real home where only it can enjoy perfect beatitude. Seeing this pitiable and poor condition of jiva, Soami Sant Das ji maharaj has incarnated on this earth to redeem jivas from Kaal and Maya. He advocates, preaches and even gives Naam or shabda. Only through the realization of Shabda, spirits can ascend the saturation point wherefrom once they had been depleted. It’s a matter of great pleasure to me declaring you all that each and every sheltered jiva of Soami Santdas ji maharaj has got and realized this Naam or shabda.