I am pleased to inform you that sant satguru waqt has incarnated on this earth with the name SOAMI SANTDAS JI MAHARAJ. With His grace, PARAM PURUSH PURAN DHANI SOAMI SANTDAS JI MAHARAJ has cognized Himself to me in my body. Owing to the knowledge of my own experience, I am declaring that soami Santdas ji maharaj is the only and complete sant satguru waqt. No jiva of macrocosm can cognize sant satguru waqt. With His limitless grace, He Himself makes cognized to someone. Soami ji has given His real introduction to His various worthless followers including me. He is pouring His grace(MEHAR) on jivas at present.

Teaching the lesson of gurubhakti in a unique way, Soami Santdas ji maharaj advocates and preaches of surati shabda margh. With His grace, shabda starts in an instant, Jiva gets salvation. He preaches about the greatness of Naam and makes jivas realize it. Naam is in the form of divine sound and divine light. It is conscious. By awakening the spirits and adjoing them with the sound of Naam, Soami Santdas ji maharaj is raining grace on jivas. With the feeling of helplessness, whosoever comes in the shelter of Soami ji, gets salvation. 

Peoples from all castes and religion and the followers of various religious and spiritual organization of the world are being graced by taking shelter of Soamiji. You all should also not miss the opportunity and immediately taking shelter of Soamiji, make your spirits awakened and reach SATTDHAM (SACHCHI MUKTI).