Surati known as soul or rooh was the ans (part) of the supreme father i.e. God. God or satguru is the ocean of love while jiva is the single drop of it. Surati once departed from the pure and conscious land, thinks this macrocosm real and true owing to be entrapped in the shackles of five elements(earth, water, fire, air, and sky),three dispositions(Rajoguna,Tamoguna, and Satoguna), Desires, senses and karmas. It knows not the way to get it free of. When sant satguru adjoins it with His real form of shabda, it is awakened, purified and strengthened. Then it grows restless to become one with its origin i.e. God. All the spirits once were the ans (part) of satguru. They departed from the form of satguru and encaptured in the net of Kaal. Such souls are unconscious souls. When sant satguru waqt adjoins the sleeping soul with His real form i.e. shabda, it is called awakened soul.

Shabda i.e. divine sound always flows like a wave from the conscious form of satguru. It can be realized by the spirit only. It is beyond the limits of Mann (thoughts) and senses. God or satguru is the reservoir of divine light. Out of that, waves are continuously rising or flowing and out of those waves, a particular type of divine sound is produced is Naam or shabda. The form of jiva was also of shabda when he was in this region (lok). He was immersed in satguru. But when lower platforms were created, jiva also descended. And later on, by and by, he forgot his origin i.e. satguru. 

This body is made of five elements and three dispositions. The spirit is allowed to be in this body for a specific span of time. Spirits only in human body can know of God. Spirits in other than human body are devoid of achieving salvation. So the best cover is of human body. In Ramcharitmanas Tulsi Saheb depicts- Bare bhagya manush tan pawa, sur durlabh sab granthan gava. 

Adjoining spirits with the wave of shabda opening the path to its origin is known as surati shabda margh. After satguru does so, shabda becomes audible or realizable to jiva. Once connected with it jiva is never separated and by the grace of satguru, he definitely reaches his abode and enjoys perfect beatitude. Shabda can not be achieved by going in meditation, worshipping or by any other effort. The real form of satguru is shabda. Jiva is the ansh of satguru. So only satguru can give it to jiva. And through listening to this shabda, jiva can regain his exalted position. 

With His limitless grace, when satguru adopts jiva, He adjoins him with His own real form i.e. shabda. This process is called Namdan. Since He grants Naam by the dint of His grace, He does it in an instant. Crores of jives can be associated with this shabda in an instant and they all can listen to it. Sant satguru waqt is all powerful. He himself ,with his own unspeakable grace, grants surati shabda kamai to jiva. Without it too, He can redeem jiva. As far as Soami SantDas ji maharaj is concerned, no word seems capable enough to describe His measureless Grace.
SATSANG- Association of satguru is satsang. By His grace(mauj), getting the chance to serve Him physically or financially is real satsang. It is of two kinds-

To visit satguru again and again and to do according to His wish is outward satsang. The association of satguru makes jiva redeeming of His karmas. His soul is purified and strengthened. This happens faster if jiva serves satguru with body, and his earning. Service to satguru is very much important and the panacea to get Naam and salvation from satguru. For salvation, Love from satguru is essential. Love begets only when one serves the other. So jiva should give much importance to the service of satguru with his physique and earning. 

Within the body, to listen to shabda and concentrate at the form of satguru is internal satsang. By the internal satsang i.e. listening to shabda, seeing satguru`s form in body and other divine happenings make jiva redeem of his karmas and strengthen spiritually. 

Returning of goods to its original place is complete salvation. Satguru`s ansh (part) are suffering here in this macrocosm. So satguru incarnates in human body and takes jives in His shelter with His mauj. He makes jiva redempted of his karmas through external and internal satsang. Thus grant him His own ABODE. And jiva realizes and sees all with his spiritual eyes.

One should take Naamdan only from sant satguru waqt. Satguru waqt is the emperor of emperors. He initiates His own unique way of redeeming jives. Any descriptive name or verbal name i.e. mantra from satguru waqt connects the spirit with sound name i.e. shabda in no time. This is very much true and certain because this shabda is fro His own KAMAI. One can realize sound name or sound current even on keeping external love with satguru provided that He should be here on this earth in human body. Reality is that in this case too, His mauj(wish) works.